Virtual Organising

why virtual organising?

Virtual Organising for Busy People

Carving out time in your diary to help you declutter and organise

Virtual organising services are a super-convenient solution for busy people looking to declutter and make their living spaces more functional.

The journey typically starts with a friendly chat, we’ll talk about your decluttering project and what you would like to achieve.

From there, and working together with me you’ll do the “work” whilst I guide you. During our sessions, you'll get easy-to-follow instructions, loads of practical tips, and nuggets on how to declutter, categorise, and sort things out. I will help you with the decision making process, typically keep, reuse, recycle or rehome.

We’ll also set up systems to suit you.

What's great about going virtual is that it's flexible. You can book sessions at times that suit your busy schedule. Plus, it's a budget-friendly option compared to traditional, in-person organising services.

So to sum it all up, it’s like having a friend by your side, helping you transform your living space, clear away the clutter, and create a warm and harmonious environment, all while you stay comfy at home.

Here's what my clients said:

10/10! Just what I've been looking for 🙌

I was moving house at the start of the year and needed help to sort through years worth of stored belongings before I left.

Louise at Be Clutter Free patiently worked with me to declutter and optimise the space and has offered great tips for keeping the clutter at bay in my new home.

I chose to work with Lou virtually over Zoom, which was perfect as I'm self-employed and often have a hectic schedule to work around. Lou was also very flexible with the length/frequency of the sessions, which took the pressure off even more (thank you!)

The help and guidance Lou has given me exceeded all expectations, and I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a non-judgmental and effective way to declutter their homes and lives.

Thanks, Lou! :)

C Parker


Frequently Asked Questions

Before I get started with any decluttering or organising services, we first have an initial chat,

where I can learn more about you and your needs.

How long is a session?

Typically each virtual session will take no longer than an hour,

What do I need to do before you get started?

What's the one area of your home that's bothering you the most? Is it piles of paperwork, an over-full wardrobe or kitchen cupboards that aren't working for you? If you can have an idea of what you'd like to achieve that'll help us work at your pace to get it done.

What hours do you work?

For availability information please click here

What platforms do you work on?

We can work via Zoom, Skype, Teams ... and even WhatsApp

How much does this cost?

Virtual sessions start at £50.00 this includes 1 x 1 hour zoom session, a written plan and a 15 minute follow up accountability session. book and pay securely online

What if we need more time?

We can book in a subsequent session ... either an accountability catch up or a full hour working around our schedules.

Additional hours start at £30 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments.

What happens to my stuff?

That all depends on you! It’s your choice whether you keep, recycle, or donate to charity.

I’m here to guide you in the decision making process. I can recommend selling sites, charities or donation options for the things you no longer need in your life.


Top Tips for your decluttering project

Wondering where to start on your own decluttering project? Sign up for my free guide!

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