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I'm Louise

I set up Be Clutter Free to help people declutter and organise their homes at times when they need a helping hand.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people to get organised in various capacities, both in the workplace and in my personal life.

During my career, I have worked for some of the world’s leading organisations in project coordination and admin. This corporate background has given me highly developed skills to coordinate and organise in the most effective way possible.

I wanted to take my skills from the corporate world, my experience of multiple house moves and create something new. That's when I decided to launch my own business, Be Clutter Free. I want to help people like you when they need it the most. To find some organisation in the chaos, and to provide a helping hand during difficult or stressful times.

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Overwhelmed? Don't worry:

I honestly could not have decluttered and organised my garage without Lou’s guidance and support. I could not have tackled it without her, I was so overwhelmed with it all. She is such a calm person and so motivational. She was an absolute star! I can never thank her enough. I would fully recommend her services without any hesitation.

Until now, we have had several rooms where you couldn’t even see the floor due to clutter and thinking “we need to keep everything”.

Thankfully we met Lou last year and were able to call on her services. Over the last few months, we’ve been using Lou’s services to declutter and organise our house at a pace to suit us

Louise did a fabulous job collecting and sorting my items that were no longer fit for purpose. She made recommendations for data security and made sure that everything was recycled in an environmentally responsible way.

A brilliant service and great value for money.

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